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The City of Mankato, located in Jewell County in north central Kansas, is offering free lots for the construction of new homes.  The Johnson addition housing lots will give people a chance to build a home and live in a small-town atmosphere. Mankato is a city of just over 900 people in a county that has a population of around 3000 people.  The major industry in the area is agriculture, health care, and outdoor hunting and fishing.


There are currently 26 lots available in the Johnson addition on a beautiful horseshoe shaped drive on the east side of the community.  The lots are close to a high school, hospital, steak house, motel, and 1/2 mile from the shopping center of the community.  All utilities are at or near the  lots.  There are no assessments against the lots at this time. 


Requirements to obtain a free lot in the Johnson addition:


An application including personal information and home plans shall be filled out and submitted to the zoning board.


Applicant must be pre-approved for new home construction by a lending institution and be interviewed by the city council.


Applicant will have a written agreement with a contractor to begin to build a house within six months of acquiring the lot.


Construction shall be a single-family unit built on site or modular construction of all new materials complying with the most recent Uniform Building Codes and National Electric Codes, and will be completed within 2 years after receiving possession of the building lot.


New home will be a minimum of 1200 sq. ft. excluding basement, garage, and porches and have an overhang of at least 18 inches.

Resolution No. 2006-02-07-02

Whereas, the City of Mankato, Kansas, deems that it is necessary so as to beautify the City and encourage the construction of new homes to provide suitable living accommodations for residents and for increasing the tax base of the City to make lots owned by the City available for new housing; and

Whereas, The City of Mankato desires to establish a procedure for making lots now owned or hereafter acquired by it available for the construction of single family homes;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MANKATO, KANSAS, that the City establish a procedure whereby persons interested in acquiring lots suitable for single family homes to be constructed thereon owned by the City at any time and from time to time may obtain the same.

SECTION 1.  NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY. At such time as the City acquires ownership of a lot or lots which it deems suitable for the construction of single family homes thereon, notice shall be published in the official city newspaper for two consecutive weeks of the availability of the same including notice that the procedure for obtain in the same may be obtained at the office of the City Clerk.  Such notice shall be in such form as is approved by the City Council from time to time.

SECTION 2.  COST OF LOTS. Said lots shall be made available at no cost so long as the conditions and procedures for acquiring the same are followed and the City Council shall determine the fair market value for each lot acquired in the event the person or persons acquiring the same does not comply with the conditions and procedures.

SECTION3.  MINIMUM BUILDING REQUIREMENTS.  The City Council of the City of Mankato, Kansas, shall determine from time to time the minimum building requirements of the house to be constructed on each lot in addition to the following requirements:

    1.  Must be single family built on sight or modular.

    2.  Minimum 1,200 sq. feet; not including basement, garage, or porch.

    3.  Minimum three bedroom.

    4.  Minimum two car garage.

    5.  Compliance with the most recent Uniform Building Code and National Electric Code.

    6.  Minimum overhang of 18 inches and minimum of 5-12 pitch roof.

    7.  Standard setback requirements.

SECTION 4.  APPLICATION AND TIME OF COMPLETION.  A person or persons interested in acquiring any lots owned by the City and made available under this program shall file an application on a form to be supplied by the City with the City Clerk.  The City Council may require such information from time to time as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to, plans for the house to be constructed. 

SECTION 5. TIME.  When an application has been approved by the City Council for a particular site, the City Council shall deed and convey said site o the approved applicant or applicants.  The City will not provide proof of the merchantability of the title of said premises, which shall be the responsibility of the applicant or applicants to obtain to do so.

    The deed shall contain a covenant that within six months after it is delivered, construction of the house shall be commenced and construction shall be completed within eighteen months of construction commencement; and if either of said conditions is not met, the property shall revert to the city unless the applicant or applicants pay the City a sum equal to the fair market value of the lot as determined by the City Council.   

SECTION 6.  MISCELLANEOUS.  The following shall apply to the procedures set forth herein:

    1.  The term "lot" shall mean the particular tract of ground owned by the city and offered under the program, whether it is one or more lots or a metes and bounds description. 

    2.  Participation in this program shall not prohibit participation in any other tax rebate program available.

    3.  The City Council of the City of Mankato, Kansas, reserves the right to determine any questions arising under this procedure and may from time to time make variances in the procedure as it deems appropriate; provided, however, the City shall not discriminate in any way administering this program.

SECTION 7.  The resolution shall take effect upon its adoption by the City Council of the City of Mankato, Kansas.


ADOPTED AND APPROVED by the City Council of Mankato, Kansas, this 7th day of February, 2006.

                                                                    The City of Mankato, Kansas

                                                                     By /s/ Donald H. Koester, MayorATTEST;

/s/ Marvin E. Loomis, City Administrator



Homestead Act Residential Application

Please mail completed application to:

City of Mankato
PO Box 2
Mankato, KS 66956


City of Mankato Homestead Act Residential Application



Current Address

Phone #

Property address you are interested in

Financial Information:
Lender (if any)

Lender contact person

Lender phone #

Proposed Construction Start Date

Proposed Construction Finish Date:

Please attach a detailed sketch or drawing of proposed dwelling per guidelines set forth by Resolution 2006-02-07-02 of Mankato City Council.

I have received a copy of Resolution 2006-02-07-02.
Signature of Applicant(s)

The city of Mankato will accept applications without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin or ancestry.

City Council approved and passed February 7, 2006.
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